modern arts midterm essay question 5

| March 13, 2014

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I will upload the instruction. since I’ll write this midterm essay in class, there is no need of quotes from the reading, just information and methodological approaches in the readings. if you dont have time for readings then put the focus on the ppt and make sure use SPECIFIC EXAMPLES (paintings/painters) from the ppt in the essay. ppt and readings link: ( you don’t need to write full two pages, 400 words are good. I will upload the ppt and notes about both CUBISM (the part about wider circle of Cubists (e.g. Robert Delaunay, Fernand L├ęger) is the last 3 slides of the cubism ppt) and FUTURISM for you references. let me know if you have anymore questions or need more information. btw i can extend the deadline to 03/13/2014 12:30pm est. but this is the latest time, can you work with it?
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How do different cultures deal with death? What social information might a sociologist gain by the study of funerary rites?


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