modern advertising in the United States.

| June 19, 2015

modern advertising in the United States.

2. Discuss the role of a brand in advertising.

3. List and discuss major developments in society and technology that have effected the growth, development, and challenges of advertising in the twenty-first century.

4. Discuss what advertising does for society.

5. Describe what the advertising spiral does for the advertising manager that the product life cycle doesn’t.

6. Define the term “brand” and explain what prompted development of them.

7. There is a somewhat simplistic definition for “competition”; however, realistically the concept is complex. Discuss what actually comprises competition.

8. Explain what a full-service agency is and how it proceeds once it has been assigned a new product or service by its client.

9. Discuss briefly the essential components of persuasion.

10. What is a media plan, and what are its key general categories?

11. Explain some of the issues about TV networks and their relationship to conglomerates.

12. Compare and contrast network radio and network television and what they offer affiliates.

13. Provide a brief profile of newspapers in the United States, highlighting circulation, the reader, and the advertising revenues and their source.

14. List the major categories of “outdoor” advertising and then discuss copy and color considerations for each.

15. Distinguish the roles of research for marketing and for advertising


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