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| July 12, 2016

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Using computer resources, create a mock crime scene using the given scenario. Included should be: Case Number, Investigator name and title ( Detective Lisa Olney), Date and time of incident, Date and time sketch was created, Victim and/or suspect, type of offense, Measurements and scale, Legend, and Directionality coordinates. Here is the given scene: On December 12, 2013 a double homicide occurred at 2122 Hidden Dr., The victims were identified as Mark Ling who is as Asian male age 26 and Tara Miracle who is a Caucasion female age 23. The victimes were step siblings who shared a bottom level apartment in downtown Jacksonville, Florida and had lived there approximatley a year and a half. Mark was found 3 feet from the front door alcove area face down with his head pointed towards the front door located on the east wall. His left arm is at a right angle and a hunting knife inches from his clutched left hand. His right arm is stretched out away from his body and there is a pool of blood under the right arm extending to the hip area. He appears to have a close range bullet entry wound to the right side. To the north of Mark is a wall with high velocity Bloodspatter. To the west of Mark is an 18 foot x 16 foot kitchen area. On the south wall of the kitchen is counter space where a silverware drawer is open. The stove and refrigerator are on the west wall and a kitchen table with two chairs is situated in the northeast corner. South of the entry alcove is a living room area with a big screen TV on the east wall and two wing back chairs and a coffee table located northwest of the east wall and about 10 feet from Mark’s body. The entire living room area is 20 feet x 26 feet. Located along the west wall of the living room is a couch. The female victim is slumped over slightly north of the center of the couch with a stab wound to the chest. Approximatley 18 inches from the north end of the couch is a semi-automatic gun. A casing is located 1 foot from Tara’s left foot on an oval rig which extends slightly past both ends of the couch. Along the south wall of the living room is a sliding glass door leading out to a small 10 foot x 10 foot patio area. The door is slightly open and three beer cans are scattered on the concrete patio floor. In the northwest corner of the patio is a small round plastic table. On the table is a crackpipe which is still warm.

Provide a professional and detailed Crime Scene Sketch of the given scenario, with a page including the things given in the beginning of the instructions.

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