Mobile phone industry mapping analysis


This is the first part of your three-part Group Project. The purpose of this assignment is to present a broad understanding of a particular industry—to collaboratively discuss your industry, the key forces that shape the industry, the key performance indicators within the industry, a sense of the total market size and a good grasp of the key competitor relationships within the industry, and the future shape of the industry. In essence, you are developing an industry map. This is also to be a timely analysis, with information through 2014.

The group may structure the assignment in any way it likes, but here is, at a minimum, what should be included:

1. What is the general environment? Key factors and trends—much like what is considered in Chapter 2. What are the overall trends that are going to shape the industry? Please consider the global nature of the industry environment.
2. Position of key competitors in the industry relative to each other—strengths, weaknesses, market share/position
3. Key strategies of the primary competitors – are there significant differences between them?
4. Recent Financial, Sales/Market Information—changes in positions, for at least three major competitors. 


There are numerous suggestions about sources for industry data. Many of these data sources are available through the IU East library website, such as Hoovers, ABI/Inform, and Mergent â€‹Online. There are numerous government data sources available as well. Websites like â€‹Wikipedia are not reputable academic sources and should not be used in college-level papers. You are greatly encouraged to utilize the LibGuides tab in our Oncourse â€‹site as well as our embedded librarian, Lora Baldwin. It is imperative to summarize things in your own words, supported by third party data. Cutting and pasting from the Internet is considered plagiarism.


Your Industry Mapping Analysis should be between 8-12 double-spaced pages (that’s anywhere from 2400-3600 words), Times New Roman, size 12 font.  You could write additional pages, but part of your job is to synthesize and analyze concisely. You must use formal APA or MLA format.

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