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| June 8, 2014

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You will produce an individual portfolio of 2,200 words . Development of your portfolio will be based on the group research activity about mobile phone use plus additional reading and discussion of issues relating to research methods.
In this portfolio, you are expected to comment on the actual use of research methods that your group did to actively find out about mobile phone use in the UK. You need to critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the method you used and compare and contrast it with the methods other groups engaged with.
To summarize your portfolio should basically include the following components:
Review and reflection on Research Methods relating to research methods and issues covered in the course (about 2,200 words).
This is the main part of the individual portfolio. Students will reflect on their understanding of the research method that they practiced using and then show their knowledge of other research methods.
Ideas you might wish to cover in your report :-
• What are the key concepts and ideas behind the method you used?
• What type of research is best suited to the method you used?
• What are the key advantages and disadvantages of the method you used?
• How do the other methods available compare to the research method you employed?
• How do you manage ethical issues when carrying out research?
• What lessons did you learn about writing up results?
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