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| April 25, 2014

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For your final project, you will write a Literature Review paper on your chosen and approved topic. Your paper must reach a conclusion in the form of one or many research questions.
When writing your paper, you must use a minimum of ten (10) references. Select your references carefully. I am aware that references on this topic may be hard to find in the academic world so references form technical journals are acceptable for this type of research, however, try to find at least four references from academically qualified journals. Make sure that you go beyond the “Wikipedia” type of research, and use trustworthy journal (technical or academic) articles.
The literature review format for this assignment must contain at least five sections:
3.Literature Review
The Final Literature Review Paper should:
•answer one or more research questions
•be a minimum of ten (10) pages (These ten (10) pages do not include the title page or the References section)
•be double-spaced with no spacing after or before the paragraph,
•use Times New Roman font 12 Points in size
•have 1” all around margins
•be APA compliant
•contain at least ten (ten) references
Tips for Success
•Review resources in Unit 2 regarding APA formatting. Make sure to follow the APA format for writing your paper.
•Review resources in Unit 2 regarding writing research questions.
•Review the resources in Unit 3 for more information about distinguishing scholarly writing; choose your references carefully.
•Collaborate with your classmates that are working on the same topic. Remember, even though collaboration is encouraged, you must complete your own unique paper. You may share some citations, but your final paper must be mostly your own.
•Name your file with the suggested naming convention: CourseNumber_TopicFinal_YourName.docx. For example: LEAD8317_WEB20Final_Doe.docx
Grading Rubric
•60 % Content (selected topic)
•20 % Format
•10 % References
•10 % Research question
Research Questions:
What percentage of companies are moving towards incorporating the mobile enterprise into their business? Into the healthcare industry?
How could this possibly affect the security requirements and confidentiality in the healthcare industry?
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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