MKTU 640 – Week 8 – Assignment – Marketing Audit/Competitive Market Analysis

| April 23, 2014

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Please remember to:
(1) Answer the questions provided in the prompt
(2) Timeliness – finishing my work by the deadline provided
(3) Use several quotes from the textbook or a credible source to support the claims in your writing
(4) APA-citing within the body of your post and end of post references. Please do not plagiarize. Cite all sources.
(6) Please copy and paste EACH question on the line above your answer. You will loose points for each question not answered.
MKTU 640: (The class is called Seminar International Marketing, so please try to write from that perspective)
Cateora, P.R., Gilly M.C., & Graham, J. L. (2013). International Marketing, 16th. ed. New York, NY: MCGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-352997-4
Writer- please do not ask me for the textbook because I do not have it. Your company told me that you would be able to find the book online.
Research and write up the following (between 12-18 pages):
Do a Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis (see the back of your text for the suggested content) for a product or service (approved by instructor) you want to take from the USA to three different countries (on at least 2 continents) international or globally.
Defend your country choices
Lastly, provide conclusions of your paper and research and then your recommendations about foreign trading.
My service (approved by the instructor) is the Jamba Juice company that we have here in the US. And the 3 counties I want to take it to are: Germany, Spain, and Italy.
I thought these would be good countries to bring Jamba Juice to because Germany seems very health-conscious and the people have disposable income to spend. Italy also loves food and fruits and it’s a big tourism place so people would be out walking around and would want to stop and get some jamba juice so it would probably do well there. Spain, I chose because it’s a hot country and people are sporty and also love food, so when they are hot and out after doing sports or going to the beach or shopping or whatever, they could stop and get some jamba juice. You can expand on these ideas and add your own. Good luck.
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