MKT 421 Week 3 Team Assignment Strategy and Positioning Paper

| October 16, 2015

Select a new product or service that will be launched by either an existing organization or one you will create. This product or service will serve as the basis for the Marketing Plan you will write throughout the course.

Obtain your instructor’s approval of your product or service before beginning this project.

Write a 2,800- to 3,500-word paper that includes the following:
An overview of the organization
A description of the product or service
A SWOT analysis of the organization and offering
A competitive analysis of the organization and offering using Porter’s five competitive forces model
The criteria you will use to segment your market and select your target market including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors
A description of your target market
Needs that cause your target market to buy including emotional and logical drivers
A written positioning statement that identifies:
Your target market
The needs that drive purchase
Your organization’s industry category
How your organization solves the target’s needs
Your organization’s competition
What makes your organization different from its competition
Include sources of secondary research that support your analysis.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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