Missions to Nicaragura

| March 14, 2014

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1. 6 pages ; APA format; outline
2. Mission Organization-internet research-Nicaragua Mission Project (un-reached people)or Nicaragua Baptist Missions (children, orphans)or BIMI Mission for Nicaragua -Baptist international(unreached people,urban monostry, rural ministry.
3.History or group, who had original vision?How did they get started?How did ir get off the ground?How did they spread the vision?How did the build finances?how did prayer help? What was first move toward their target?**Analyse group work; suces or failure? Did they stick to orginal vision? What have been the results of their work in the people lives?
4. Investigate the nature of the religious situation that existed in the area before the mission arrived. What where their religious practices, culture, relationship to the rest of the country and outside world, etc? In Latin American countries Roman Catholics have been hostile to new missions and at time netural or/and sympathetic. Which was the case here?
5. Make sure you write a strong cobclusion, summarizing your findings and give a prospectus on the Mission for the future.
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Biblical Heritage
Hitchcock, Chapter 6 Christendom


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