Mission Statement: Program Design

| April 8, 2014

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Program Design Elements
A 3 page paper, plus accompanying documents, that addresses the following:
Stakeholder Involvement in Developing Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives
Explain why it is important for representatives of your target population to be involved in developing the goals and objectives for the program.
• Identify which stakeholders you would involve in the planning process, and discuss two or more strategies for facilitating their involvement.
Program Design
• Create a visual representation of your program design (e.g., a table or graph) that includes the program’s mission statement, goal(s), objectives, and activities to meet the objectives.
• Develop a Gantt chart with time lines for implementing all activities that will assist in meeting each of your program objectives.
Topic; Childhood obesity—children 6-17)
Write out each question and respond accordingly. Journal references must be within 5 years**.
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