Mini-Review OASIS Family Members and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress

| March 22, 2015

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Here are the comments (What I would like to change in this Mini-Review)
Overall structure
• OASIS proteins not mentioned in the introduction. There is no clear link to the first sub-section heading. Other sub-section headings appear logical.
• Room for improvement
Introductory section
• Lack of mention of OASIS is a glaring omission.
Linking sentences
• Linking sentences are not included.
Concluding remarks
• Update once revision has been made.
Quality of writing
• Quit a few grammatical errors throughout. Over-reliance on once source paper – these parts need re-writing.
I would like the Mini-Review to be:
1. I want Mini-Review is well organized.
2. Clear thought process links different sub-sections.
3. Sub-section headings are informative.
4. I want a strong an abstract.
5. Mention of OASIS in introduction.
6. If you can self-generated supporting figures/tables
7. The concluding remarks are a good summary of the content of the review article and they help to re-emphasize its importance.
8. Writing style shows promise and suggests that revision could be written to a very high standard.
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