Milan World Expo 2015

| May 19, 2015

The module will be assessed through an individual report of 2500 words assessing learning outcome 1. (+/- 10%)
critically assess the sustainability policy of an events business and offer suitable recommendations in line with your critical appraisal, and based on theories discussed in the class and beyond. The chosen event / event management company could be of any size, nature and in any location of your choice.
Please use and apply the triple bottom line theory for it
• All reports should be typed using 12p text, 1.5 line spacing and Arial/Times.
• All reports should be spell checked.
• All reports should follow the general structure of cover page, acknowledgements (if any), cover page, introduction, main body, analysis, conclusion/recommendations, although this can be named differently. Focus and structure should be given with effective use of headings and subheadings.
• All sources must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System.
• A full reference list of all sources must be included at the end of the report.
Any event – must have a sustainability / csr policy though
Must justify and defend WHY the event
– 250-350 words
– Based in home country
– Not a description of the event
– Which theoretical framework you will be using
o Justify and defend
o Align it with the event
– Literature review
o 800-1000 words
o Key theory – explain very briefly the theory
o Critique of the theory
• Short comings and weaknesses
• Critical evaluation of other academics etc.
• Pros and cons / disagreements and agreements in common literature
– Body:
o 1000 words
o Critique of the event and identify gaps, issues and shortcomings
• MarketLine and bribery / corruption facts
o See whether the theory and event’s report / policy match
– Recommendations / conclusion
o 300 words
o Highlight ways to overcome gaps
o Fix the gaps
o Overall evaluation of the report / policy
o Concluding remarks

– Academic references (at least 10)
o Three times and no more per reference
– Sub headings in the chapters
– Appendices = Okay

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