Midterm Project – impact that Jackie Robinson had on post-World War II baseball.

| November 23, 2015

The first six chapters have featured many colorful stories and anecdotes about the baseball players that laid the foundation for America’s pastime. Another story that has been a consistent theme has been how the game of baseball has been an important part of Black Americans. In at least 750 words, discuss the importance of baseball to Black Americans. As part of your paper, discuss the Negro leagues, some of the stars of Black baseball and their importance to the Black community. Highlight at least three different Black baseball personalities that were a major part of the history of American baseball. Also, describe the impact that Jackie Robinson had on post-World War II baseball. Per Grantham Guidelines, your assignment must be submitted properly in APA format and in a word document. Be sure you cite all of your sources, and you must show direct evidence of integrating your textbook in at least three different chapters as well as at least one outside resource.

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Annotated Bibliography
2 Pre-war issues of note

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