midterm marketing

| October 16, 2015

MKTG 350: Mid-term Exam, FALL 2015

Please use formal language in your responses and check for grammar/typos.Submit the final document as a MS Word attachment at the dropboxlink on D2L.

1. In the discussion during week 7 of the course (i.e. last week), you came up with ideas for new products from an existing company. Choose one of them, and then explain the three phases of the strategic marketing process for this product. (i.e. explain what would you need to do in each phase, not in general, but specifically for your product) [20 pts, approx. 350 words]

2. Explain the concept of positioning. How do marketers typically use perceptual maps to develop effective positioning strategies? Illustrate your answer by describing how you plan on positioning your product (from Q1).[15 pts,approx. 300words]

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week 2
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