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| June 22, 2015

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Choose any FIVE of the following six questions and submit 1-page answers 
1. Define the concept of culture as it is used in anthropology. Also, explain why culture – as opposed to biology — is significant to understanding differences between human populations. 
2. How do anthropologists do their research? What is the prime methodology used in anthropological research? How does that methodology affect anthropology’s status as a “science”?
3. How does human language differ from other forms of animal communication? Refer to the design features of language in your answer. What is “prosody” and is it a feature of other forms of animal communication besides human language?
4. What is gift exchange and what does it say about “human nature”? Is gift exchange more a sign of human sociality or a  sign of inherent generosity?
5. How do anthropologists define social inequality? Is it a characteristic of all human societies? 
6. Explain the biological foundations, if any, for the concept of “race.” Is race a real biological phenomenon or is it a social phenomenon? Why?




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Ethnographic Comparison
Cultural Analysis Assignment


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