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1 All should answer Essay #1, and EITHER Essay #2 OR Essay #3 in this section. Each question carries 25 points. Total is 50 points for the essay part.

2 This part is due to be uploaded to Canvas.

3 Organization of your answer is important. Use appropriate headings and subheadings to indicate the structure and the focuses of the answers.

4 Effective use of bullets and itemization enhances clarity of your ideas.

5 Please be concise and pay attention to the development of a structure for your response

Essay 1 Strategic Value of IT (Mandatory)

1 According to Carr, can a company derive strategic value from investing in IT?  What is his reasoning for the conclusion?

2 How do you reconcile the differences between Carr’s analysis of IT’s strategic value and successful stories such as Amazon.com, UPS, eBay, Face book, iTunes, Yahoo, etc.?

Essay 2 Facebook Privacy:  There is No Privacy (pp 160 – 163)

Describe the weaknesses of Facebook’s privacy policies and features.  What management, organization, and technology factors have contributed to those weaknesses?

Essay 3 Monitoring Employees on Networks:  Unethical or Good Business?  (pp 275 – 276)

1 Write a few pointers to be used as guidance for making a policy regarding employees’ use of company computing and communication resources (“CCR”). The pointers are just the ‘skeleton’ or framework of the future policy.

Whatspecific management, organization, and technological issues would need to be addressed to carry out the future CCR policy?

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Marketing Research Plan
Essay 2


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