Microeconomic concepts

| September 11, 2014

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You are setting up a business venture of your choice, which will be based in the UK. Please follow the questions to complete the essay. With reference to an organisation relevant to your programme of study, explain which market structure is most applicable to its business activities. Provide examples of the internal and external environmental factors impacting upon on its operations. There are some points need to be involve among the essay. 1. The part of external factors should be more detail (30%). 2. Public sector or private sector. 3. Explain the market structure that your organisation is operating within. 4. How do they compete? 5. How do the competitors behave? 6. Who are the main competitors? 7. Research market share Mintel/ Keguate. ps. This assignment should cover the importance of the key microeconomic concepts within service sectors and relationship between key macroeconomic variables in an economy.
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