MGT 630 Mid-Semester Assignment

| January 21, 2015

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The purpose of this paper is to brief colleagues who will be leading a new venture for your firm in this country.
The focus should be on analysis rather than description of the country and its people (See section “c” below). Note that there are two parts to this paper (i.e. see sections “a” and “c” below.
While your readers and briefing audience need to know about the geography, language & politics of the country you are chose- more important are the cultural differences and cross-cultural issues as addressed in the Adler text, and other global management issues?
The Adler text and the other two texts have many constructs, concepts and models that you can use for this paper (e.g., Hofstede’s concepts of individualism/collectivism, power distance & uncertainty avoidance).
a) Select a country and offer a Culture Briefing of a country to include at a minimum:
• Location
• History
• Size
• Political System
• Economic System
• Language
• Traditions, Values and ethics
• Life Styles
• Characteristics of the Culture
• Business Practices
• Tips for leading in this country
• Conclusion (What is most important to remember about leading in this country).
Your focus should be on the “practical” and “realistic”– what they need to know to be successful in the business you chose, AND any suggestions for how one might implement these strategies for success in the country.
For example, if a recommendation would require additional resources or special training and language capabilities, then just how would the organization acquire those resources and capabilities? Are your recommendations workable given the culture of that field of activity and the internal culture of the organization? Papers that simply describe the culture and make lofty recommendations without practical strategies for implementation will not earn a grade of “A”.
b) The paper should be no more than 10 pages (about 2,500 words) but be creative. You can decide the format you use, although the paper must have a cover page and a References page that follow APA (No Abstract).
c) Use appropriate and credible source material and integrate applicable concepts from the textbooks and course material as well as journals to discuss, analyze and support your country specific briefing.
The bulk of your research should be completed using the UMUC databases. Remember, you are not expected to be an expert in the county/culture you select, but rather I am looking for a demonstration of your new expertise in application of management, leadership, and organizational design in a global society.
NOTE: The purpose of this paper is to apply the concepts you are learning in the course and demonstrate both your understanding and application of this knowledge.
It is recommended that you utilize important concepts from the course to organize your presentation and provide context for the exposition of your source material.
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