MGT 3059 Week 2 Assignment 3, Final Project – Production Process

| September 22, 2016

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MGT 3059 Week 2 Assignment 3, Final Project – Production Process
Based on the information provided in the case, create a table summarizing the steps for making one complete product (a box of six pretzels).
Identify any relationships—immediate predecessors—that are present.
Using this table, create a network diagram or Gantt chart detailing the production process for the following situations mentioning the time required to complete the order:
1. One order of 6 pretzels
2. One order of 12 pretzels
3. Two orders for 6 pretzels each
Discuss the impact on the above situations if you decide to hire any additional employees (add at least one more employee).
Based on the sales history, calculate the MAD and tracking signal for December 2008. What do these measures reveal about the accuracy of the forecast? Should you be concerned? Calculate a six month moving average forecast for January 2009.
What type of forecasting technique do you think is appropriate for use at
College Pretzel Company (CPC)? Would you need any additional information for calculating a forecast in the future?

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