Methodology Editing

| May 20, 2015


The writer needs to edit the whole methodology and add useful information wherever needed. My supervisors said that my transfer report reflects some confusion with the methodology part. I should be able to deepen my reading around and understanding of phenomenology to ensure that I adopt an approach which is effective in securing the kind of data I am seeking and which I can explain effectively and defend. Read about design of questionnaire related to phenomenology. The writer should explain and defend that the questionnaires are matching the chosen methodological approach. Furthermore, relating the theories that the writer explained in the literature review to the methodology is a must. Look at journals will give better ideas about methodology. Also, one more group should be added to the interviewees who are high school students with an explanation of why this group should be interviewed. I will be grateful if the writer could give me an outline explaining what should be done to improve the quality of the methodology part.



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Report of the project (FALLS IN RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE)


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