| November 21, 2015


Think of symbols that, to you, represent a “bigger picture.” Metaphor is everywhere - in song lyrics, dreams, highway traffic. Or it could be in the form of a popularly used expression, such as “Chill...!”; “Put a lid on it.”; “ me crazy..” You may sense that a metaphor is at work, but maybe you haven’t tuned in to how it is working as a metaphor.

[for example: a recurring dream image of a half-open door may be a metaphorical message of a turning point  you’re trying to decide in your life -- whether to go ahead, or whether to “close the deal...”]

Analyze a symbol as metaphor: Write a 400 WORDS in which you analyze why you see, hear, feel the symbol as a greater picture, greater message than the obvious.


            My heart’s a stereo

            It beats for you, so listen close

            Hear my thoughts in every note...

            Make me your radio

            Turn me up when you feel low...

-  Maroon 5: Adam Levine (AND guest  rapper Travie McCoy)

Then Creatively show a metaphor: This is a creative piece, to get your imaginations peaking. You may write a short poem; create song lyrics; a “vignette” in  the voice of another person, or thing, or animal. Whatever the case, your voice/character is seeing the world through METAPHOR.

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