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| February 9, 2014

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This assignment is my communication plan for Metabical (advertising-public relation PR-sale promotion-marketing.
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This communication plan will serve to guiding the efforts of communication as well as sponsorship through the entire period of Metabical project. This plan will be changed from time to time to enable the audience in target embrace the changes that come with it. The plan will explain how the right message will be channeled from the right sender of the message to the right audience in target through the right channel and at the right time. The communication plan will address the basic elements of communication being the sender, message, channel, feedback, receiver as well as time. 2.0 Executive Summary The reason for communicating is to advertise and market a new product. This new product is a medical drug that helps in weight loss. Metabical is a new weight loss drug that is to be introduced to the market, which in this case is the target audience. The other reason for communicating to the audience is ensuring that they are educated as well as informed on the uses and the facts behind the new product used in weight loss. Communication is a tool that plays a significant role in ensuring that the audience in target is informed as well as convinced on the uses and importance of the new drug that is being marketed
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