Meritage & CA Blended Wines

| March 15, 2018

Meritage wines from California are an American creation. The flavor and aroma are determined in large part by the percentage of each grape blended into the batch of wine. Contributing factors include the AVA, lattitude of the vineyard, the year, soil, and climate conditions. Taste a bottle of Meritage and report on these criteria when sharing your findings with the class. Remember to use Zraly’s 60 Second Wine Expert methodology when reporting your findings.

HOSP316 Tasting Worksheet

Adapted from the

60 Second Wine Expert Tasting Worksheet

Color: __________________________________________________________

Aroma/Bouquet: ____________________________________________________


Identify the Major component in each time slot

0-15 seconds  
15-30 seconds  
30-45 seconds  
45-60 seconds  
  Low Medium High
Residual Sugar      

Light-Bodied___ Medium-Bodied___ Full-Bodied___

Ageability: Ready to Drink? ___ Needs more time? ___ Past its prime? ___

Personal Rating/Comments (use the Wine Tasting Score Sheet) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ____________________

Session: _________________

Wine Tasted (label and year)___________________________________________

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