Mental Health Counseling: Reality Therapy Learning Packet

| October 16, 2015

Please produce a 4 page learning packet with an emphasis on Counseling for the following theoretical approach (Chapter 11 Reality Therapy). This Reality Therapy Learning Packet needs to include well organized critical content for ALL items listed below: A – G. I have attached a file (Client-Centered Therapy Learning Packet) that is to be used only as an example of what the Reality Therapy Learning Packet needs to contain and how it should be formatted. Please reproduce the format and all of the headers that the example packet contains, BUT with the appropriate content/material that can only be found in the reading of Chapter 11 Reality Therapy. Chapter 11 (Reality Therapy) can be found and read on my CHEGG ebook account.
Link to the site: Login:
Password: Helpme123 (capitalize the ?H? in Helpme123)
Book Title: Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Reality Therapy Learning Packet needs to incorporate the following headers: ?
A) Theoretical Approach ?
B) Key Founders/main figures of the approach ?
C) a list of Main Concepts ?
D) Theraputic Goals
E) a Case Study to illustrate how the theory is applied in a counseling session ?
F) a Critique of the approach ?
G) all Key Terms and definitions

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Health care profession.
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