Memory and Cognition

| April 21, 2014

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This is undoubtedly due to the importance and relevance of the material that cognitive psychologists study. To that end, I’d like you to go out and find a supplemental resource to augment your understanding of this material. The supplemental resource is the film “Project Nim.” and the textbook Cognition by Daniel Reisberg.
This 5 – 7 page paper should summarize and evaluate the supplemental resource you have chosen. When creating your paper you should focus on a few key concepts that are illuminated in your source. Think critically about the accuracy of the statements that the author(s) is making about those key concepts. This critical evaluation could include agreeing with and supplementing the author’s points, or disagreeing with them by providing alternative evidence, alternative explanations, or relevant counter- examples.
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Comment on this idea and discuss the implications of 1) barring women and people of colour from early psychology and 2) failing to properly acknowledge or document the achievements of women and people of colour who were involved in the development of psychology


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