| November 24, 2015
Please review and revise my memo per the guidelines below.
1.	Draft a MEMORANDUM of Course Reflection: Rather than taking a final exam, you will draft a memo of reflection detailing what you’ve learned in the course and how you will use it in the workplace. This 400-500 word memo should include reflection on the following questions to summarize your experience in the GEB3213 Writing course this semester:
•	What was your biggest “lesson learned” in GEB3213? (ex. Time management, grammar, punctuation, using the online system, etc)
•	What was your favorite (and/or least favorite) assignment?
•	What have you learned about professional writing (ex. How is writing correspondence to a business different than drafting an English paper or a paper for another course?)
•	Name one improvement that you will need to continue to work on within your writing based on feedback from this course?
•	What, if anything, did you learn in GEB3213 that you can implement in future courses to help you be successful?
•	How you will implement what you’ve learned in GEB3213 into writing at your workplace?

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