MeMO Fiasibility

| November 13, 2015

MeMO Fiasibility

Write a 1-2 page memo, addressed to me, Professor Hirst, regarding your recommendations for 3 of the feasibility studies that you would most like to see go forward. In other words, if you had some “seed” money to put down on 3 of the topics, which ones? Why would you pick each one? Perhaps there is a theme or perhaps the issue is so pressing that it demands immediate attention.
In this memo, you are in the role of decision maker – you must write persuasively.
You must be specific in this memo. Your writing should be clear, concise, and correct.
You may not choose your own topic.
You must also format carefully. Memos have certain structural requirements that must be met, purpose statement, etc., and good technical writing also calls for headings, prose, and bulleted points. So, the overall format is important.
This assignment will be submitted through a turnitindropbox. That dropbox will be available to you beginning at 11:00 am the day of our final examwhich is Thursday. November 19. The exam must be in the dropbox by 5:45 pm on Thursday, November 19.
I will be in our White classroom, WHITE 202, during the scheduled final exam period. You may write the memo there in class, or you may decide to post the exam to the dropbox remotely from your own computer. The choice is yours – as long as I receive the exam to the dropbox by 5:45 that day, we’re fine.
If you do decide to write the exam in the classroom, you will have to bring a computer with you.

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