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“It would appear that chaos rules in the World of mergers and acquisitions. But our analisis reveals that these trends are not a matter of happenstance. On the contrary, when we take a deeper look, it becomes evident that industry consolidation conforms to a set of laws.” (AT Kearney, Merger Endgames 2002)In their article “The Dubious Logic of global megamergers”, Ghemawat and Ghadar believe that many International firms follow a `herd´ behaviour and jump on the merger bandwagon, that often leads to failure. In contrast, AT Kearney argues that global mega-mergers are an inevitable part of the industry life cycle and the need to consolidate on a global level.Critically debate the arguments for and against global mega-mergers and whether you think they are beneficial or not. (1000 words) use academic and practitioner literature tu support your argument and conclude whether you think mega-mergers are beneficial or not beneficial overall. Treat the answer as a concise written debateDiscuss the measures firms should take to reduce risks of failure in both the pre-merger and post-mergerphase (1000 words) you need to consider both the concep to f duedelligence and relevant literture on change Management and merger integration.


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Both the factor-proportions theory and the country similarity theory address patterns of trade,...
Managing Internationally across Business Systems

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