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| April 18, 2014

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*?We’ve grown into one of Australia’s top 10 retailers in less than 10 years, and we’re committed to further expansion that will allow us to offer smarter shopping to more Australians. ALDI plan to open 20 to 30 stores each year.? (Aldi website). Aldi?s recent rapid expansion through sales growth and new store openings has meant that its current workforce cannot meet its future staffing requirements. How does Aldi (or a similar organisation within this industry) go about meeting the challenge of rapid expansion? You may choose to look at an Australian based or a global organisation. (I prefer you to use ALDI or COSTCO)
*Essay style Word Limit: 1500 words
*The essay should have a clear structure which includes:
i) A short introduction that clarifies your interpretation of the question, the position you will take on the question and a summary of the evidence you will use to support your argument;
ii) A body that consists of a logically developed argument that clearly links back to the question.
iii) At the end of the essay a short conclusion is needed to reiterate the position you have taken and the evidence you have used to support this position.
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Jaguar land rover automotive plc
Under what type of conditions did Toyota develop its famous production system? In what ways has it been adopted by Western auto assembly groups?


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