Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Business (AngloGold Ashanti)

| April 29, 2014

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Essentially the point of this essay is to identify issues which the company currently face and provide scenearios projected within the next 50 years for how they can improve on various areas in a sustainable manner. An example would be C02 emissions and how they plan on reducing this in future e.g increased use of solar power, substituting diesel with bio diesel etc. We also need to explore other areas such as socio political as well as environmental. the link above is an example of information which can be used for the essay.
The report ?Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Business? should therefore present an overall logical argumentation for how your chosen business (AngloGold Ashanti) will have to adapt to the identified environmental limitations and the socio-political issues in future scenarios. It should provide insights into your chosen strategy for sustainable innovation and argue the business case (value creation and competitive advantage).
The aim is to demonstrate understanding of the complex and interdependent issues that business faces in terms of risks and opportunities; as well as demonstrate creative and entrepreneurial thinking to reach convincing sustainability strategies that are relevant within a global business context.
This project will be assessed on the way the document is structured and written. Make sure you check spelling and grammar. It is recommended to include illustrations such as images, drawings, tables, graphs if appropriate but make sure you acknowledge the sources correctly, authors/ copyright in captions under the image. To construct a coherent structure for your report you should consider the following:
Title page: the title, sub-title if any, date, student name and module.
A summary: a brief (one paragraph) overview of what the report contains including conclusion and
recommendations. (write this at the end)
Contents page: including the headings for the sections
Introduction: introduce the aims and objectives of the report and then provide the context with the necessary background information in a concise manner.
Main section: focus on describing the ?how? and ?why? of the process ? how will environmental limitations impact the industry, society and global markets? How will governments respond? How can the industry respond? How do the specifics of your home country (South Africa) interact with the limitations and impacts? Why did you prioritize the impacts as you have? Why did you approach the business development strategy as you did? What are the opportunities? Why might the business model need to change? Why do you consider your chosen approach to be the best one for your business?
? Stick to what is relevant and be concise, write in a clear, brief and direct style
? Make sure you make logical sections with clear headings
? Any extra background information should go in the appendices.
? Include figures/diagrams/charts if need be (don?t put these in the appendix)
Conclusion: in summary, you should include your own critical reflections on the task, highlighting your own point of view and how the elaboration of this report has helped you gain a better insight into Sustainability in Global Business.
Bibliography: All sources need to be cited including Internet. References should be traceable ? anyone reading your report should be able to follow up your references so they must be able to find them from what you’ve written. Use the Harvard system: AUTHOR LAST NAME, first name (DATE), Full Title, where published, name of publisher.
Appendices: The fact sheet and an image of the poster presentation
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