Medical Sociology Exam 1

| October 23, 2015

Choose the *best* answer out of the choices available for each question.  Complete the test independently–do not talk to other students about the exam until after the due date.  You *may* consult your notes and readings as well as Internet materials while completing the test. There are 20 multiple choice questions.

1. Which of the following best describes the discipline of medical sociology?

A) The study of the social causes of different health states

B) The study of socially influenced responses to particular health conditions or events

C) Similar to medical anthropology, but usually less focused on systems and cultures

D) All of the above

2. According to medical sociologists, which of the following are common sources of stress that can harm health?

A)  Social role obligations and constraints (including conflict, captivity, strain, engulfment, etc.)

B) Living in a “disorderly” neighborhood (with high crime, unsafe housing, widespread unemployment, vandalized structures, etc.)

C) Both A and B

D) Feeling bored during class meetings for a required college course

3. Some sociologists argue that genetic information should be incorporated into social science research.  How might genetic and social determinants of health influence each other?

A) Social experiences can impact people’s genetic material by “activating” or “deactivating” certain portions of it

B)  Genes can play a role in shaping personality, social skills, emotional intelligence, and other “invisible” traits that help people to cope with different events in their lives.

C) As social experiences accumulate over the life course, people’s genomes tend to change and adapt

D) All of the above

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