Medical bioethics

| September 24, 2015

 Scientific literature can be defined as empirical or theoretical peer-reviewed articles, published by a university or journal
 Every student is required to use at least three articles in their discussion
 While other outside sources may be used, at least two sources (one in support of your position, one in support of the opposition) must be literature that fits the definition above
 Any other outside sources must be from quality sources (eg. The New York Times, Psychology Today). Information from subpar sources will be disregarded (eg. Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post)
Explains position on the issue supported by literature without use of biased language.
 The student should state their point clearly and concisely, in a manner consistent with a thesis statement1, that leaves no doubt as to the poster’s opinion on the topic provided.
Failure to address the topic will result in a loss of twenty points for both content sections of the rubric
 The student must use professional, unbiased language. This means forming a response using literature, not a response based upon personal experience. While your personal experience will undoubtedly shape your perspective, the discussion post is not the place to discuss it. Your responses should be purely academic, and must use at least one article to support your point.
: Explains opposing position supported by literature and addresses why this is not the best fit.
 A strong argument must acknowledge the opposition’s opinions
 The student should state the opposition’s position (eg. “Some people may argue that…”), use literature to support this point of view (eg. “This is supported by x article, which states…”), and then rebuff it (eg. “While this may be the case, what proponents of this fail to understand is…”).
A strong argument should be able to find holes in the opposition’s argument
At least one piece of literature should be used to support the opposing opinion’s point of view

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