Medical Billing Question.

| September 16, 2016

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Medical Billing Question.
1. Create a 5 question assessment to determine whether a Partner organization’s users will be able to accurately process electronic records with an EHR.
2. How do you resolve issues?
3. What analysis and auditing techniques do you use to ensure data provided is translated into meaningful configuration?
4. Name the most common files used in electronic billing? Name any others that you feel are relevant.
5. What are the key needs for ensuring correct billing for Medicaid and Medicare in a given agency?
6. What is your workflow for ensuring configuration is standardized within the EHR?
7. Describe the different options for sending rendering information in a claim file.
8. Develop a training deck (power point presentation) designed to train internal staff on auditing their own configuration work (6-7 slide minimum with notes)
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Describe the most common types of airborne contaminants. List and describe the types of effects of airborne toxics on the body.
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