Medicaid Expansion Debate

| July 18, 2015


Medicaid Expansion Debate







The legislative bodies have been engaging in debates regarding the Medicaid Expansion Debate. The Supreme Court made a ruling on the Affordable Care Act. The proposed idea of states to make their favorable options with regard to the law of Medicaid Expansion. Thus, the ruling made it clear and concise that the states were at liberty to make their rulings considering the decision to participate or fail to endorse the law. The decision to carry out or fail to carry out the law implementation fell in the hands of the governors and senators within the states. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the state legislatures to make an absolute decision regarding the adoption or dismissal of the law in the state.

My state is Michigan. It is one state that has utilized the freedom offered by law regarding the Law of Medicaid Expansion.  Michigan State decided to participate in the implementation of the Medicaid Coverage programs that falls under the Affordable Care Act. The decision is resultant from the state leaders, governors, and Senator, to opt to expand the Medicaid coverage. The federal-state program state program got initiated to provide expansive health care to the poor population who suffered illnesses (“ – Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program.”, 2015).

The Michigan State is a Democratic and Republican represented state. However, it has a Republican governor. Both party representatives are in consensus with the idea of adopting the Medicaid expansion initiative (Harrington & Estes, 2008). However, there are some ideologies and suggestions put across by the senators of the Republican Party. They assume that the Medicaid Expansion program is in the favor of President Obama (“ – Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program.”, 2015). Some indicate that it is not the best position for the states. It is likely to result in expanded state expenses. The only option is to retrieve some funds allocated to education and use the funds to facilitate the running of the program. Accordingly, the Republican senators and politicians seem to be playing serious politics about the issue. However, the ultimate inference was that the state had to adopt the program or end up paying back to the ACA without benefitting from the expense (“ – Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program.”, 2015). A series of thought regarding the impending health benefits offered by Medicaid expansion to the citizens made the eight Republican senators to vote for the expansion. The governor was in support of this idea from the beginning. Thus, his responsibility was to sign the approval to the proposal.

I believe in offering discounted health services, especially to the people who cannot afford to pay for the services in the health care sector. Accordingly, the Medicaid supports my beliefs and expectations about the future of the health care system. I believe that everyone deserves to get treated. However, the problem of finances leaves me without an option but to witness high mortality rates within the states and the nation at large because of inadequate health care programs. I believe that the only responsibility I have with regards to promoting my beliefs is to ensure that I mobilize the public on the importance of the Medicaid expansion.

The Medicaid expansion will affect my practice as an advanced nurse affirmatively. I intend to apply my beliefs and profession towards delivering quality health care. For this reason, the program will facilitate the availability of resources necessary to extend treatment to the poor population. The funds will facilitate smooth running of the nursing practice experience within the state.


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