Media Report On Sexual Harassment in Australian Defence Academy Widespread

| February 9, 2014

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With Title Page,……is advanced level writting and presentation unit . The prescribed textbook is: Wall, David S. 2007 Cybercrime: The Transformation of Crime in the Information Age, Polity Press, Cambridge and Malden And some of the resources useful to include findings attached after instructions min 8 plus 12 from other sources thanks. 2500 words. Assignment 2: Research assignment In this assessment, you are being asked to write a research paper based on a recent media incident. Your aim is to apply the critical theory you have learned in this unit in order to make an evidence-based argument about the impact of new forms of technology on our understanding of online pornography in all its forms and online sexual harassment. STEP 1: To begin, you need to choose a topic that interests you. Choose one ! Your choices are: 1. Pornography 2. Child pornography 3. Online sexual harassment STEP 2: After choosing a topic from the list above, you must find a ‘real’ incident related to your topic that occurred in 2011 and early 2012 and was documented in the media. This media report can be from the newspaper, radio, television or internet (Australian or International). Here is a link to find articles from the databases of the Deakin library: This media report is your ‘case study’ and will form the basis for your report. You must provide it as a reference in your reference list and YOU MUST ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR CASE STUDY TO YOUR FINAL RESEARCH REPORT. What is a case study? By case study, I am referring to an in-depth, critical analysis and evaluation of a particular case (in this instance, the incident documented in the media report you have chosen). By ‘evaluation’, I mean weighing up the strengths and advantages and weaknesses and disadvantages in each of the arguments advanced in your report. NOTE: You are being assessed on your ability to select an appropriate case study. Please do not email or ask Unit Coordinator on DSO if your case study is appropriate. This is for you to decide. As third year students, the onus is on you to use your skills and knowledge to choose a case study. If you have done the readings and followed along throughout the unit, it will be very clear to you which media reports will be appropriate! STEP 3: Drawing on the ‘real’ incident you found (your case study), your research evidence must critically evaluate the extent to which new forms of technology impact on our understanding of sexuality and pornography in the 21st century. In your assignment, you should consider the implications of digital technologies on notions of identity, privacy, and the body. Consider choosing ONE OR TWO of these dimensions to illustrate your points. You do not have to engage with all of them! IMPORTANT: At the beginning of your research report, you should make sure that you: *Clearly articulate what you will be arguing. *Identify any conceptual or theoretical frameworks you will be adopting in your report. *Identify any specific issues related to your media incident that you will be examining. PLEASE NOTE: This paper IS NOT merely a descriptive exercise. You are being assessed on your ability CRITICALLY ANALYSE your case study in relation to the unit materials and your independent research. Resources To support your argument, you should use the relevant learning materials from your online study guide and prescribed textbook. You must also undertake independent research using the resources available to you from the library to find scholarly resources drawn from academic books or journals, for example. You are expected to use between 8-22 scholarly sources in your essay. At least 12 of your sources should come from your independent research (in other words, they should be found outside of the prescribed learning materials from this unit). You are welcome to explore online material, however, you must be very selective in using such material. Your independent research should not be comprised solely of websites (excluding scholarly online journal articles/databases). Essays based principally on online encyclopedias, for example, will fail. Here are some examples of appropriate scholarly source material: Online peer-reviewed academic journals (popular magazines are not scholarly!) Media articles or transcripts Digitised primary source documents (i.e. legislation; court cases; speeches) Material from reputable organizations like government, university or other institutional? websites. The sources listed below should not be cited in your essay: Encyclopedias (Wikipedia, for instance) Personal websites (unless they are directly related to your media incident) If you are still unsure if your sources are scholarly, have a look here for help: Reference List You are required to use Harvard citation style in your report. Please do not use footnotes (Oxford).
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Media Report On Sexual Harassment in Australian Defence Academy
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