media bias

| September 27, 2015

go to fox news website and read through several current events articles to look for specific instances of bias and inaccuracy. In other words, does the article simply read as fair and accurate in your opinion? Or is it either subtly or overtly slanted in some particular direction? You might look for things like a reporter’s use of voice in the article to gauge its bias. For example, a story might report “there was a crash on I-85”–or it might say something like “there was a horrific crash on I-85.” See the difference? What’s horrific to her might not be horrific to you, so that would be an instance where the writer’s objectivity may have faltered. Also, you might look for a lack of balance in the piece. Maybe the article seems to slam one political party without even referencing the other or giving the slammed party a chance to respond–that kind of thing. Be sure you don’t rely upon “op-ed” pieces or other editorials as you formulate your posts. Those are supposed to be biased. We’re looking for the bias in the stuff that’s passed off as news by the networks and publishers. Try to find several instances where you feel an aticle may not be as fair or objective as it could have been and post these along with your explanations of why you selected said articles online in the discussion forum. Walk us through how the article is or is not biased. **please make this easy to read and understand**

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