measures that can be taken to motivate staff individually

| October 19, 2015

In alignment to Week 9 topic(s) of discussion on motivation, the term motivation the term motivation can be described as “defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors”. From a manager or leader perspective, the highly sought after HIM professional is one that is highly motivated as it relates to giving 100 percent of effort to fulfill his/her daily responsibilities, striving to meet personal and professional goals such as obtaining additional degrees or certificates etc… Your role as a leader within a HIM Department is significant in a number of ways. Given the scenario that you are the HIM Corporate Director which oversees five HIM Departments within a integrated delivery health care system. In what ways does can your actions and interactions with your department managers, supervisors and even the departments staff, motivate and inspire others? Do you feel that the automatic title and responsibility of a leader designates one as a unofficial mentor or role model? Please explain. Finally, what measures can be taken to motivate and inspire your entire department of HIM staff members and also what measures can be taken to motivate your staff individually as it relates to their personal goals, dreams and aspirations?

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