| February 17, 2014

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write 3 SMART targets relating to how you will develop your numerate identity. prepare a brief action plan for smart target using templates with a table and clear subheadings for each section. write a 250 word to reflect upon your maths competency in relation to teaching maths to children. make specific links to early years learning framework and Australian curriculum. Find and share 10 different examples of numeracy related learning outcomes from the EYLF and Australian curriculum for foundation to year 2 ( five from each). include an 800 word discussion detailing what opportunities you could provide to address 8 of the 10 learning outcomes in an early childhood or early primary learning environment. for the remaning 2 learning outcomes write a 200 word explanation of how you would use ICT to develop childrens engagement with numeracy and maths. honestly what ever you can do for me would be great as it is due ASAP
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