Master's Prepared Nurse Interview Guide_student

| September 28, 2015

Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview Guide_student

Interview a nurse who is master’s-prepared in nursing and is using thus education in a present position. The purpose of the interview is to gain insight into the interplay among education, career path, and opportunities. Be certain to identify specific competencies that the MSN-prepared nurse gain, and is presently using, that reflect advanced education. Organize interview around the topics below:
1. overview of the master’s prepared nurse’s career
2. reason for seekinh graduate education
3. description of present position and role
4. usefulness of graduate education for present role
5. pearls of wisdom he/she willing to share
Wrire interview in narrative form using the ff. guidelines
1. within the paper’s introduction, explain your interview selection
2. do not identify the individual by name
3. use centered headings to separate parts of interview
4. in the conclusion, identify one or more competencies from interview that are consistent with AACN education essentials. In addition, provide statement that reflects what you gained from interview.

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