Mary Reilly by Valerie Martin

| March 23, 2015

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Write an essay in which you use the evidence you have gathered through your reading (Martin and others), writing, observations, and analysis to develop and explain your specific idea.
For the essay: analyze one idea as seen in theme or character from the novel and the film Mary Reilly, and incorporate outside sources obtained through library research to enrich your text and enlarge the conversation about the book and movie. Your audience should now be expanded beyond your classmates, your SI Leaders, and your instructor. Consider a more general audience that is much less familiar with the objects and texts you’ve been working with. Add at least one academic source. You may add more than one source. For example, you may choose to include the work of art as part of the analysis of the topic, and/or you may include pictures throughout the text (keep them small, and explain their presence in your text).
• 1000-1250 (4-5 pages) words, typed and double-spaced.
• At least one academic source. You may add the picture or artwork and other references.
• Use MLA documentation; Times New Roman; 12 Font; Include a Works Cited that lists all sources used in the essay (including art works, films, video, music)
• Provide MLA parenthetical documentation in text.
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