Markets and Consumption

| February 12, 2014

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Your task is to select and analyze a Key Word in Marketing.
*Select ONE of the following Key Words in Marketing:
* Anti-Branding
* Brand Communities
* Brand Equity
* Cause-Related Marketing
* Consumer Boycotts
* Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)
* Critical Marketing
* Customer Relationship Management
* Digital Marketing
* Experience Economy
* Macromarketing
* Marketing Rationalization
* Political Marketing
* Positioning (as P in STP)
* Product Placement
* Prosumption
* Public Service Announcements
* Relationship Marketing
* Segmentation (as S in STP)
* Service-Dominant Logic
* Wine Marketing Collecting Relevant Literature: Your assessment will include your level of awareness of relevant literature.
This means identifying key writers and any dilemmas or debates associated with your selected Key Word in Marketing.
There is an expectation of at least a half-dozen relevant articles (or other sources) being used to support your discussion/analysis.
Essay Title: Create an essay title by using the Key Word in Marketing you have selected. This should assist in organizing your initial thoughts. Though the essay title appears at the beginning of the document, it is likely you will need to edit the first attempt at a title. Your thoughts will evolve on how to approach and analyse the selected Key Word in Marketing.
Main Body: This can be arranged in a manner to help address the essay title. There are some points to consider, as part of a full response:
* A working definition or description of the Key Word in Marketing you have selected should appear near the outset.
* What does the Key Word in Marketing mean? Where is it located in marketing? * How, when, and why did your Key Word in Marketing emerge?
* How, when, and why is your Key Word in Marketing used? In addition to drawing on the relevant literature, examples are useful. Diagrams or other visual material can be used to support a response.
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