Marketing tender Proposal

| October 26, 2015

ONLY Write part 7(Our Relevant Experience) and 8 (Price/Cost and assumptions used) of the report.
As the marketing and tendering team of Speednet Company, develop a Tender Proposal to telstra. It is assumed that this would be a new client. Drafting a B-to-B marketing strategy via a tender to a senior corporate executive as a means of creating a sale and thereby a loyal customer.
The Tender Proposal should show strategic competitive advantage. Try to use these words in the report: (value for money, open and fair competition, professional integrity, client service, management of risks, accountability, simplicity, local industry sourcing) and try to use marketing theory. theoretical and a practical report.
SpeedNet is a fabricate company,no real, the introduction of the company and example report are in the additional files.

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