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| April 21, 2014

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This project will utilize the Santa Fe Grill survey (see exhibit 13.7, page 443 in the textbook) and the SPSS dataset of the survey’s results. You can download the SPSS data to your U drive on King Center Computer Lab machines and run the SPSS analysis there.
To get the dataset: login to any King Center lab computer and download the dataset from Canvas Lectures. The file is called MKTG 3100 Santa Fe Grill dataset.
1) Perform the following analyses that are performed in your 4th edition textbook:
• Measures of Central Tendency Mean, Median, Mode of Frequencies X25 (pg 484).
• Univariate Hypothesis (pg. 490) Split File and Compare Means
• Cross-tabs (pg 492).
• Chi-square analyses (pg 496).
• Independent Samples t-Test (pg. 498)
• ANOVA (pg 502) (Hint: you must clear out the previous outputs and reset split file for ANOVA to work)
• Bivariate Regression (pg. 533)
• Multiple Regression on Customer Satisfaction (pg.537)
2) For your write-up, start your report with a paragraph about what each analysis showed. Also, attach the print-outs of your data analysis (tabs, charts, cross-tabs, significance tests, regression outputs, etc) to the back of your report.
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