Marketing Research

| September 27, 2016

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Marketing Research
The Marketing Research Presentation project provides you with a hands-on opportunity to work through various phases of a marketing research project. The project is divided into separate components due throughout the remainder of the course. Before beginning work on the first component, take time to read through the full Marketing Research Presentation project description to gain a full understanding of the breadth of this project.
In this project assignment, you have the opportunity to examine sampling, sample size, and survey administration.
The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra case your Marketing Research text indicates that the survey was given to audience members at a free concert of the symphony. The symphony received 614 completed questionnaires out of the 2,400 made available. Respondents were given multiple ways to return the questionnaire.
Based on the information in the case, prepare a report 2–4 pages long that explains and analyzes the following:
Sampling method, including (a) a summary of how sampling was done, (b) a review of the appropriateness and effectiveness of this method, and (c) a recommendation for an improved method.
Sample size and return rate, including a review and evaluation.
Survey administration, including a discussion of (a) the distribution method and (b) the return rate.
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