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| February 9, 2014

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Please focus only on this arena: 3.4 Marketing Strategy 3.4.1 Target Markets (location and size in population and $/year potential) 3.4.2 Positioning (innovative, traditional, exotic, fun, luxury, etc. relative to competition.) 3.4.3 Product Line (broad, narrow, deep, shallow, diversified, etc.) 3.4.4 Pricing (economy, luxury, skimming, penetration) 3.4.5 Distribution Strategy (retail, wholesale, online, direct mail, etc.) 3.4.6 Sales Force (recruiting, hiring, training, managing) 3.4.7 Service (assistance, sizing, advice, delivery, wrapping, etc.) 3.4.8 Advertising (TV, radio, print, web, events, etc.) 3.4.9 Sales Promotion (coupons, rebates, discounts, etc.) 3.5 Research Activities 3.5.2 Marketing Research (to improve understanding of buyer/consumer characteristics, In this class we use this book: ―Marketing, 10th Edition‖, Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius,ISBN-13 9780073529936, McGraw Hill Higher Education 2011 but for the information reserch you are free.
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Abstract supports a very useful plan called Affiliate Marketing. By using the Web Services of, various retailers and vendors will accept to attach links at various places in their websites to website. When a vendor lists his products on the website, he has an option of creating several links to those listings, for customers to preview. When somebody visits, the person who placed the link to the product will be given a certain amount of money, and on top of that he will be given an extra commission when the product is bought (Marketing Strategies of In the year 2009, decided to terminate pay per click commissions to their North American Associates for payment search traffic. Although that has happened, has not lost most of its Associates because they continue to utilize the Amazon Web Services. Later in August 19th 2006, came up with a store that allowed Associates to place a list of Amazon products within the Amazon website and also it allowed them to link those products from different sites
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