Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Topic
For my marketing plan I will use an existing company and aircraft, the company is Air Tractor, a company dedicated to manufacture agricultural and fire fighting airplanes. The marketing plan will consist in three innovations that will be included in all the models the company offers. These innovations will put their airplanes in the top of the market betting all possible competitors, these are:

  • Carbon Activated Filters is for the air that comes from the outside is not contaminated from the pesticides that are in the tank or after spraying on a field.
  • Improve the Air Conditioner System for warm areas.
  • Doors that close with pressure to reduce noise and create a quieter cockpit.

Marketing Plan Information
Overview: A minimum 10-page marketing plan paper will be due in Module 9. This is an opportunity for you to create an original marketing plan for a new or existing aviation/aerospace organization. Please note – This is NOT a report on existing strategy of the company, but instead requires the creation of an original marketing plan. The instructor must approve any proposed topic during Module 3. The plan must be relevant to real-world aviation/aerospace industries and papers must meet format guidelines contained in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). This assignment will comprise 30% of your grade (2% for the marketing plan topic, 28% for the marketing plan paper.) In order to stay on track and complete the paper, a recommended marketing plan schedule is provided in each module.

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