Marketing of financial services

| April 3, 2014

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Learning Outcomes
On completion of this assignment students should be able to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of key service elements in the financial industry.
2. Appreciate the importance of customer in service delivery.
3. Illustrate an appreciation of the different elements of the extended marketing mix.
You are asked to individually prepare an essay type document, about 2000 words long, with subheadings, addressing each one of the following:
1. Select a financial service provider that has Internet presence and focus on a specific type of service it offers. Describe the service.
2. Briefly describe the market and explain the type of competitive advantage the selected service has achieved in this market.
3. Provide an analysis of the marketing mix tools used by the provider to place, price, promote (communicate) and deliver the service.
4. Discuss whether and how the marketing mix element choices are co-ordinated and integrated.
5. Suggest improvements in two marketing mix areas that you feel would substantially benefit the service making references to the internal resources and capabilities that are likely to contribute to the success of the implementation of your suggestions.
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You must develop a mini-case (around 1,500 words) that briefly outlines a firm's competitive context, its organisational resources/capabilities and a brief analysis of strategic options open to the firm to improve its performance.
Using customer satisfaction to segment the resort hotel customers


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