Marketing objectives for Everyday Sunday for the next 5 years

| February 12, 2014

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It should be written in Report format, with the following sections:
A. Assignment Cover Sheet
B. Title Page, addressed to Ms Chase as CEO, Rockwell Beverage Co,
C. Executive Summary (not included in word count). Must fit on a single page.
D. Background to the company and the industry. Summary of key marketing issues faced by the
company. (About 300 words).
E. Analysis of key findings from the survey ?C what does it say about the student market? (About
300 words).
F. Using the background and survey analysis, identify the marketing objectives for Everyday
Sunday for the next 5 years. Identify the target market(s). (About 200 words).
G. Devise your recommended marketing strategy to address these marketing objectives, taking
into account the extended marketing mix shown below. (About 1700 words).
H. Conclusions (less than one page, not included in the word count).
I. References (not included in the word count).
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