Marketing Model Case Paper and Presentation

| May 18, 2015

Marketing Model Case Paper and Presentation

Paper details:
Read the HBR case study, Rethinking Marketing. Rust, R. T., Moorman, C., & Bhalla, G. (2010). Rethinking Marketing. Harvard Business Review, 88(1/2), 94-101.

The case proposes a new model of marketing.

Develop a 3-4 page paper that answers the following questions:

1. Is this new customer-based model necessary to improve business today? Explain why or why not.

2. What are the similarities proposed by this model to strategic marketing management as presented in the AMA definition and text?

3. What are the differences between this approach and strategic marketing management as described in the text and AMA?

4. Would this model be an improvement over the way your organization functions?

Envision making a presentation to senior leaders of your organization to convince them to change an existing structure to the customer-manager driven organization described in the case. Develop a short presentation with key selling points that would support your proposal. Your presentation may utilize video, visual or graphic elements, PowerPoint and other professional presentation support elements.

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