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| March 21, 2015

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Please read the link below and In no more than 5 pages (one page per question, type 12, single space), please
answer the following questions, 

link: cbmp/pl/27911272/35913507/ 8f7d8c53563f1407c62363728d7635 8c

1) If you were Heather Larson, would you invest money in the company?
Why or why not?
2) What do you think of Riverview Law´s business model of charging a fixed
fee on everything? Can this model be applied to every type of client /
3) What is going to be the impact of this type of new “legal services” on the
“conventional” legal firms as you know them?
4) How do you evaluate / assess the new model to measure “performance”
of lawyers and not lawyers employees?
5) How would in-house counsels in typical US companies react to this new
model law firm?


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